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Who are we?

Graphactory is a graphic design factory that transforms your business strengths to superpowers. We help growing businesses to connect with their customers through creative vision, timeless design, and highly professional outlook. 

Our end-to-end design solutions will ensure that every element of your visual branding is consistent, memorable and contributes to
your marketing and branding strategy.



We create for you a complete guideline and set of logo, pallette, fonts and images in harmony for your brand and how to use them in different contexts.

Graphic Design

We create print and digital materials consistent with your excisting brand and design guidelines, developing your visual identity.


We bring to life your communication messages through sketches, drawing, images etc.

User experience

We are creating the architecture of the system consistent with the UX you would like for your customers.

Web & app design

Visual representation of the look and feel of your website, application and system and it is fully integrated with your branding.

3D Visualization

We can create 3D model and images of your product. It allows you to showcase the variations and possibilities of application.

Your path

1. Idea

1. Idea

“All men dream, but not equally “. There is, however, an idea at the core of every dream and we can help you take the idea and make into something more than a dream.

2. Graphactory

2. Graphactory

When we are not fighting crime or saving kittens from trees, we help companies make their dream into a reality.

3. Success

3. Success

When the dust settles and the hard work comes to an end, there is nothing better tham celebrating your success.


Grasshopper Lab
Aquapolis cardboard
VR Express logo
Grid logo
MusiStep logo
Флаери VR express
Invigorating tales визитни картички
Персонално лого за Юлия Кючукова

Персонално лого за Юлия Кючукова

Graphactory лого
Визитки за ЕТП

Визитки за Екстриим Трекинг Пирин

Лого за Сити Сървис София

Лого за Сити Сървис София

Визитки за Сити Сървис София

Визитки за Сити Сървис София

Лого за Екстриим Трекинг Пирин

Лого за Екстриим Трекинг Пирин

Лого за водачи по екстремните маршрути в Пирин.
Fairy Crafts
Лого за сватбен фотограф
Уеб страница за Екстриим Трекинг Пирин

Уеб страница за Екстриим Трекинг Пирин

Флаери за От село
Флаери за Сити Сървис София
Лого Invigorating Tales
Лого за NPK Lawns LLC

Лого за NPK Lawns LLC

Лого От село
Лого Info center
Визитни картички за магазин за ядки
Меню за разнос по домовете
Корпоративна идентичност за йога студио


Like what we do?

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    Sofia, Bulgaria, EU